Office for iPad Spotted, Could be Coming Soon

If the reports from The Daily are correct, Office for the iPad could be arriving within a matter of weeks.

Source: The Daily

The Daily had a short hands-on with the app, and it appears to support Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, along with a Metro-style like layout of the application. These supported documents can be edited both locally and online (SkyDrive and SharePoint, presumably). The app has, once again — reportedly, just been finished and not yet submitted to the iTunes App Store, but should soon and then it is just a matter of waiting for the app to be approved.

Currently Microsoft has a OneNote app available for both the iPhone and iPad, but The Daily’s sources claim that there is an upcoming update to the app which would give it a more Metro feel to it, like the ones shown off for Windows on ARM (WOA). There is also the possibility that the OneNote app could be merged with this Office suite app, though the image from The Daily only shows Word, Excel and PowerPoint icons.

There is no word on how much this app would cost, if at all, and Microsoft is not working on an Android version of Office.

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